Michele Moroni and Simone Suzina, stars of the second part of “365 Days” based on Blanca Lipinska’s book, shared an intimate photo! What is going on?

Michele Morrone gained immense popularity after the premiere of the film “365 days”, in which he played the main role – on Instagram alone he was followed by more than 12 million fans. Now, in Poland and Italy, the second part of the painting based on the book by Blanka Lipińska in collaboration with Netfliks is being shot. Italian model Simone Susinna has joined the cast! It seems that Gentlemen may be the greatest competitors in the fight for fame and the adoration of fans, but it is quite the opposite, as evidenced by the photos posted by both of them. Fans are a little confused. What is going on?

“365 Days”: Michel Moroni and Simone Sosina in a beautiful photo صورة

The photo of the actors posted on their Instagram accounts caused a sensation among fans. Because the gentlemen embraced it, each wrote: “I am a liar” (I am a liar). what does that mean? Of course, a storm broke out in the comments, mainly under the Massimo movie title And there were a lot of questions about … the relationship and orientation of the handsome Italians:

I’m confused. Please like this comment if you feel the same

Don’t tell me he’s gay

Wait, are you gay? – Both fans and admirers of the handsome actor write, and there are … many thousands of similar comments!

None of them talked about the topic, and there may be several solutions to this “puzzle”. First of all – in this way gentlemen (whether we leave your rating or not) can celebrate the month of LGBT + Duma, which begins on June 1, the so-called “Pride Month”. It’s a time when the LGBT+ community is clearly and purposefully emphasizing pride in themselves, it’s also a commemoration Stonewall and the first-ever equality march in the United States one year after the Stonewall Inn riots. Or maybe Michelle and Simon were just joking? After all, their heroes (Massimo and Nacho) will be fighting for the heart of the beautiful Laura (Anna Maria Cicluca), and the whole situation could be a promotion for a Netflix production. There’s also a chance, of course, that this is how Moroni and Sosina went out and were actually together. why not? 🙂

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We’re left waiting for more pictures of the guys and maybe answers to annoying questions. We know one thing – the atmosphere around the movie is getting hotter and hotter, and images like this definitely add to the interest. What do you think that?


The premiere of the second and third part of the films based on the bestsellers of Blanka Lipiska is planned for 2022. The shooting takes place in Poland and Italy, and the cast can not miss, among others Anna Maria Sikluca, Magda Lamparska and Otar Saralidze:

It is an honor and a great pleasure for me that the next two parts of the 365 Days trilogy – This Day and 365 Other Days – have become the inspiration for the movie scripts to be shown on Netflix. “I am so excited that fans of my books around the world will be able to follow the fates of Laura and Massimo and meet them in new, fresh and surprising situations,” said Blanca Lipinska.

Who is Simone Susinna from the movie Nacho, part 2


Simone Susinna is frequently compared to Michele Morrone as she is known to have appeared in the “365 Days” sequel. At the moment, he is less popular than Massimo, although his career is gradually taking off – more than 400,000 fans follow him on Instgram. Ten days or so ago, it had just over 200,000. Watchers, as you can see, the number of fans is growing fast! For the Italian model, participating in a movie on Netflix is ​​her first big screen appearance.

Who is Simone Susinna in Nacho, part 2 الجزء