A Romanian truck driver before the year weighed 184 kilograms and was consuming 10 thousand. calories per day.

On a typical day, he ate three chocolate-filled croissants for breakfast, during the day he ate chocolate, and at dinner he had a burger, chips and wings.

“My girlfriend broke up with me because she couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t even look at myself. I didn’t even have a mirror, so I didn’t really know how bad I looked,” Vlad told the British gatekeeper to The Mirror.

I was wearing rubber pants so I really had no idea I was getting fat. My girlfriend didn’t abandon me because of my weight, she left me because of what I’ve become and how little I take care of myself ”, adds the 33-year-old.

Before moving from Romania to England in 2010, the guy was active and played rugby and football. He weighed 70 kg at the time. When he moved to Coventry, he gave up sports and began to spend his free time in front of the TV, eating fast food and sweets.

As a result, it “grown” to a size 4XL. He felt the need to change when he needed medical attention with a knee injury. When he called an ambulance, the paramedics could not carry him, so he had to go down the stairs by himself, and with his weight he was unable to do so standing up, according to the Mirror.

I was very embarrassed and suffered from depression and anxiety,” Vlad added.

Then came the motivation to fight for yourself. In June, the Romanian saw an advertisement for the local football team MAN v FAT. He joined the team and has since lost 90 pounds.

“Now I feel very proud of myself,” said the truck driver.

Vlad began to eat healthy food and completely abandoned his old habits. Now he eats only salads and grilled meat, and his daily menu does not exceed 2,100 calories.

I threw all the junk food out of my house. I started eating two or three meals a day, grilled fish and vegetables. It was amazing to be with a group of people who supported me so much on the football team. I was about to give up, but I started thinking about the team and didn’t want to disappoint them. Every time I had a bad moment when I wanted to order takeaway, I would think of the band. I said, ‘If not for myself, I’d do it for them,'” says the 33-year-old.

Vlad believes the league, which launched in 2015 as an initiative to help men lose weight, was his best chance at a healthy life.

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Now the guy weighs 88 kg, but plans to lose weight to 74 kg.

Vlad also reveals what he eats during the day:

Breakfast: Three-egg scrambled eggs on toast, avocado and fruit

Snack: dark chocolate and rice cake.

Lunch: grilled chicken, rice and salad.

Dinner: roast beef and a large salad.