East End fans settled this evening when Dennis Fox found out that her adopted son Raymond, was in intensive care after a terrible car accident.

Four years ago, Phil and Denise were drunk while both struggling with alcohol addiction.

Denise gave birth to their son in 2017, but she decided the best thing for him was to be adopted by a family that could give him the best life possible.

Tragically, Dennis finds out tonight that her adoptive son’s family has been involved in a hit-and-run process, with the death of his mother and 13-year-old sister.

I heard Callum Highway talking to Honey on the street about the accident.

“A family of four, yes,” he explained after inquiring about a family involved in a car accident. “A 13-year-old girl is dead, mom is dead, and dad and son touch up and go to Walford General.”

Honey asked, “What happened?”

Callum replied, “Hit and run.” “He was a priest and he had a cross in the rearview mirror. Didn’t he help them, right?”

When she realized who she might be, Dennis looked frightened as she listened.

Callum said, “The little boy must have been only three years old and still holding on to his beloved little lion, he must have been his favorite.” “They had bikes in the car – they must have been going on vacation or something. Imagine that – an entire family just went.”

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Honey replied, “It just makes you realize how lucky you are to return home to the one you love, right?”

With a troubled look on her face, Denise rushes home to check messages that the Raymond family had sent her, confirming that they were about to go on vacation.

Toward the end of the episode, Dennis goes to visit Raymond in the hospital and bumps into the adopted father’s mother, Ellie Nixon, played by Mika Paris.

Unable to hide the fact that she was upset, Dennis agreed with the idea that she was a friend of Raymond’s adoptive mother – and she did not reveal that she was his biological mother.

Will Raymond be able to stay in Walford? And how will Ellie react when she finds out who Denise really is to Raymond?

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