Manu Park is an investment under construction in ul. Ogrodowa in the heart of ód. The Real Development Group, in association with Upper Finance Consulting, secured funding for its implementation.

The facility will provide easy access to a number of attractions, including. In the Manufaktura Shopping and Culture Center, at the MS2 Art Museum, at Izrael Poznański Palace and Piotrkowska Street. The unique location across from Staromiejski Park offers recreational and outdoor sports activities. The entire neighborhood is an example of a successful mix of old architecture and new investments that fit perfectly into the revitalized space.

– We are creating one of the most exciting investments in Śódź’s Śródmieście. Thanks to its unique architecture, Manu Park will soon become a new symbol and showcase for this part of town. Thanks to the financing obtained in cooperation with Upper Finance, we can make optimal use of the funds available to us to implement this investment and other projects in our portfolio – guarantees Tomash Shweboda, Prezes a true development kit.

The Manu Park project was created by Design Lab Group. 142 apartments and 8 buildings were designed on 6 floors, in addition to the project that includes two commercial buildings located on the ground floor. The modern shape provides maximum illumination for most of the building. The investment attraction is heightened by the large glass and wide section available from the first floor and roof terraces with panoramic views of the city.

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