The co-founder of Centner Academy Private School in Miami, USA has sent a letter to the staff stating that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 should not be near students. According to the New York Times, the facility “made the employment of teachers conditional on not getting vaccinated.”

Laila Sentner, who shared a frequent anti-vaccination post on Facebook, said in a message sent last week, “There have been reports of how Unvaccinated people are adversely affected by interaction with those who have been vaccinated– The “New York Times” reported on Monday.

“Even in our society, we have at least three women who have had periods that are affected by being with a vaccinated person,” Sintner wrote, repeating. False claimThat people who have been vaccinated may pass the vaccine in some way to others and thus affect their reproductive system.

In the letter, Sentner mentioned this Staff who have already been vaccinated must inform the school and keep students away. Those who receive the vaccine before the end of the school year must also inform the school, “because we cannot allow people who were recently vaccinated to be around our students until more information is available.” Others have to wait until the end of the school year to make preparations.

The letter also says that teachers receiving the vaccine this summer will be able to return to work upon completion of clinical trials of the vaccine, “if there is still a vacancy at that time.” According to the New York Times, “employing teachers in this way was actually dependent on not getting vaccinated.”

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A Centner spokesperson responded to questions from The New York Times. He said in a statement that the school’s priority during the outbreak was to ensure the safety of students. Also repeat The statement was not confirmed by the researchThat people who have been vaccinated “can carry something from their own body,” which leads to reproductive problems in females

Centner Academy opened in 2019 for kindergarten students through eighth grade. It is promoted as a “happy school” that focuses on training mindfulness and emotional intelligence for children. The facility announces in a prominent website on its website its support for “freedom from compulsory vaccinations.”

Laila Sentner founded the school with her husband, David Centner.