The full version of Midnight Club: Los Angeles has unexpectedly appeared on the Microsoft Store. The Rockstar title is still very popular, but recently production has not been available on digital stores.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles debuted in 2008, but the production has been unavailable for digital distribution for some time. It’s very likely that licensing the songs that caused Rockstar to remove the game from stores could be an issue.

In recent days, Midnight Club 2 returned briefly to Steam, but the developers quickly removed production. The situation is different for the Microsoft Store as the full race version is available and it seems that not the case this time.

Midnight Club Los Angeles: The full version is not currently available on Steam and PlayStation Store, but this is likely to change soon. Now, however, players can reach the position – You can buy the game for 59.99 PLN.

The full Midnight Club Los Angeles package also includes four expansions:

  • Expansion of the South Central map
  • South Central Premium Upgrade
  • South Central Vehicle Packages
  • Police car package

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