Poland ranks 52nd out of 53 countries in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking for April, which shows how the world’s largest economies are coping with the coronavirus pandemic. We are only one ahead of Brazil and have fallen two places since March.

The ranking of the country’s resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic includes the largest economies with a GDP of more than $ 200 billion. It rates them on their success (or failure) in containing the spread of infection with the least possible amount of social and economic disruption. It is based on large monthly data sets grouped into 10 sub-indicators. This is, for example, the number of monthly cases per 100,000. Population, number of deaths, rates of positive tests, vaccinations, mobility information and economic data.

April was the third consecutive month that the situation in Poland deteriorated. The severe recession has brought about a different type of coronavirus first identified in the UK, which accounts for 90% of the total. New infections and caused a record increase in cases and deaths in March and April.

Let’s add that although Poland – like most European countries – belongs to a third of the countries in the world with the highest percentage of the population vaccinated, according to Statista data, as of April 25, we were only 23rd in Europe, leaving 10 more countries behind.

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In the Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking, Singapore ranked first as the best country in fighting the pandemic in April, ahead of New Zealand. The Asian city-state has reduced the number of locally transmitted cases to nearly zero, kept borders closed, ran a strict quarantine program at all times, and had successfully administered vaccines. Due to the spread of vaccination, Israel moved to fourth place, after New Zealand and Australia.

Also thanks to the vaccination advance, the United States moved up four places to 17th, although the number of cases increased again there as a result of easing the precautionary measures. As a result of successful vaccinations, the UK has advanced seven places, ranking 18th. India was the hardest hit in April with 300,000 deaths. Illnesses a day. The country slipped from 10th to 30th in the ranking.

Poland’s Bloomberg score was 40.6. The best – Singapore – scored twice that high – 79.7 points, and Brazil, the worst in the face of the crisis – 39.1.


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