Players can replay games for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I don’t like the style of the game, other times they are not satisfied with what the developers have prepared. There are times when the design isn’t what was promised (like the recent update of the GTA trilogy), or it doesn’t live up to expectations in terms of some amenities (like the lack of an Italian in Dying Light 2 Stay Human). There will always be something to cause aversion.

Of course, we have more and more rational reasons. However, the sound slowly rising on the web seems to be a very stupid thing. It turns out that this part of the gaming community (largely from China – if you believe the information provided by Several sources on Reddit), He decided to return the latest work of Polish Techland Because of the appearance of one of the heroines of the story – Lawan.

Furthermore, there was a mod to change the character’s face to resemble a slightly different canon of beauty. you can fashion found hereBelow is a list of the content creator “announces” the change he is proposing to implement. Well, it must be admitted that it is slowly going a bit too far. Sure, mods for open games aren’t a crime, but you can’t take that reason to bring the game back seriously and rationally. What do you think that?