The Haunting of Verdansk event, which brought with it the challenges of Zombie Royale and scavenger hunt, ends on November 3rd at 1 PM EST (6 PM GMT).

There is not much time left to find all the loot boxes scattered all over Verdansk so this guide will help you get all the loot ASAP. Players must visit specific locations around the map, and continue to open chests until a chest containing event loot is found. When you open the map, there’s a handy checklist that tells you where to go to find the loot.

As the event nears its end and players search for their last few chests, certain areas of the map become more crowded than others. Dam and Superstore appear to be the busiest areas due to the fact that there are a small number of chests in the area.


BR Solos is the mode to do this, as teams loot regions faster.

If you haven’t made much progress with the challenges yet, the best thing to do is choose the unwanted location farthest from the plane’s line. Travel there, as not too many people should come with you, loot as many chests as possible, and loot areas as you make your way to the area.

This would work nicely for larger regions like Lumberyard, Port, Quarry, and Boneyard. The city center, airport, TV station and military base are large enough that you can find your own area for loot.

It should also be noted that the word “Train” means the train itself. No train station.


Superstore is one of the busiest locations in Verdansk due to its central location and amount of ground loot. There are very few Chests in the Superstore, as it’s more of a “gun grab and fight” area. This makes it extremely difficult to find the loot box.

What you should do is land in the office area on the West Side of Superstore. There is a window in the front, if you are skilled enough you can fly through it and open some crates while others fight on the roof and floor of the store. If you cannot pass through the window, make a direct line inside these offices and open boxes as soon as possible.


Dam has a highly coveted “Time of the Season” watch, which means many players land there to find it. Much of the area beneath the dam is empty with few or no funds, and the top of the dam itself is much the same. The buildings below the eastern side of the dam also contain very few boxes for the number of people who land there.

The fire station at the top of the dam is important to this challenge. Land on the roof of the fire station, then descend through the ladder hatch. There is usually one or two boxes on the roof and more upstairs indoors. Most players land on the bottom where the helicopter is located, so you should mostly be alone at the top.

Some players, including YouTuber FaZe Jev, have reported a glitch as it appears that Haunting Event Challenges are over but Halloween Grau 5.56 has not been unlocked. Unfortunately, this means that one or more of the stolen items were not found and you should go back and check each area.

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Drop by and complete the final trick-or-treat search before it’s over.