This will be the first flight of the Starlink satellite over Poland this year.

Reader Zbyszek from told us about the opportunity to notice this interesting phenomenon. This is the next batch of Starlink satellites launched into orbit by Elon Musk’s subsidiary SpaceX. The billionaire wants even more than 10,000 such devices to orbit in Earth’s orbit. They have, among other things, providing internet in hard-to-reach places such as the Starlink constellation.

As the reader explains, the first satellite flight over Poland will start on Friday at 4.37, and the satellites will disappear after two minutes. It will be visible low on the eastern horizon. Conditions for monitoring this trip will be difficult. The closer to the country’s eastern border, the opportunity for better observation – He explains. – The second flight will start at 6:07 AM and will be 6:13 AM. The satellites from Earth’s shadow will appear in the western part of the sky in the constellation Leo and will fall to the east, near the constellation Vulture. It will be a long and loud journey – He adds.

But this is not all good news. If all goes well, the next batch of Starlink satellites will be launched on Friday, and their flight will also be visible from Poland. The first flight will take place on Saturday 5:22 pm, but monitoring will only be possible in southern Poland. – Central and northern Poland will be able to observe only in the following days – finish.

Author: KaT