a. Janusz Muric has stopped working as the head of the anatomy department and the head of the anatomy and neurobiology department at the Medical University in Gdansk, university authorities announced Tuesday.

It is the result of a recorded conversation during which the scientist talked about ways to reduce passing exams. The case was first described by the Interia.pl portal.

On March 1, at the Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszc, which is part of the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń, a lecture on anatomy was held, which was visited by Professor Janusz Muri من of Gdask Medical University as Chair of the University Committee for Quality Education in Medicine. The meeting was also attended by the head of the natural anatomy department and the head of the natural anatomy department, Prof. Michał Szpinda, Dean of Medical College, CM Professor. Zbigniew Włodarczyk. After the seasons, there was a discussion between scholars. Professors forgot to turn off the microphones and students recorded their conversation.

On the recording, you can hear the lecturers share their thoughts on the pass rates of the exams and examinations online. Researchers admit that remote exams are a bad idea because so many students take them. In their opinion, static tests are more effective. They talked about the most effective ways to reduce the success rate.

a. Mory.

“I am browsing the Internet, I already have 71 people who were not accepted. They don’t have a chance. But I practically cut them off. Online way. Short time, 45 seconds” – he said in the recording.

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He boasted that the university’s income from re-examination fees was called the “Morris Fund”. The scientist later called his words an “unfortunate joke.” He made it clear that he did not want to offend anyone and that he cared more about the quality of education.

The case was investigated by the authorities of the Gdansk Medical University. A special team was appointed to explain the irregularities described by the media and against the professor. Morysia, disciplinary action has begun.

On Tuesday, the university authorities presented, at a private press conference, the results of the measures that had been taken.

“We started cooperation with the students’ self-government. We held a series of meetings. This matter was discussed in many university bodies at the universities. I would like to apologize to the students for the position that arose and for the fact that they feel that they are not being properly respected by the university authorities and the lecturers” – he said During the meeting with journalists, the president of the Medical University of Gdansk, Professor. Marcin Grucha.

Inform that professor. Janusz Muric was dismissed from the position of Head of the Anatomy and Neurobiology Department and the Head of the Anatomy Department. He stressed that the university will implement solutions that prevent such situations from occurring.

We have introduced changes in the process of completing anatomy. We are fully aware that we are all responsible for what has happened. We want to initiate university-wide activities in our university, and introduce a new standard in communication between students and lecturers. We have also decided to appoint spokesmen for the trust, we believe that the students They will not be afraid to inform them of problematic situations. Ombudsmen will pass all references about violations directly to the vice deans, ”the professor said. Gruchała.

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He also announced the improvement of the educational survey system, which is carried out after the end of classes. In addition, the university wants to initiate a series of training courses in so-called soft skills among medical staff.

The university director emphasized that all these activities are carried out in order to create friendly and appropriate conditions for members of the academic community to learn, work and improve at every stage.

It is also a necessary condition for the further development of the university and building its strong position. I believe that thanks to these activities and effective communication, we will regain students’ confidence.

a. Moric is still an employee of the Medical University of Gdask. He is currently on vacation.

“Professor Moric is a high-ranking specialist, a great scientist, and a person of great capabilities in the university administration, who testified to him when he held the position of rector of the Medical University of Gdansk for two terms. He introduced the rehabilitation program in the Academic Hospital that allowed this institution to start the process of leaving him as a valuable employee. I count on more cooperation with the professor. We want to continue to use his extensive knowledge and experience for the benefit of our university. ” (PAP)

Author: Anna Machinska

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