The former bishop of Hong Kong said on March 30 that if he could, he would fly to Rome and kneel in front of the Pope’s residence until the edict is withdrawn.

“Pain and indignation run in my heart when I hear amazing news: Have they forbidden a special Mass in St. Peter’s Church?” – Zain Books.

“Were it not for the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus, I would have taken the first flight to Rome and kneeled in front of Santa Marta’s door (now papal seat) until the Holy Father repealed this decree.

Zayn made comments on the site in an open letter to Cardinal Robert Sarah after the former head of the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship asked Pope Francis on Monday to resume private mass celebrations. On the side altars of the Basilica of St. run out.

Zayn is the fifth Cardinal to object to the change that took effect after March 22nd. So far, these are Robert Sarah, Raymond Burke, Gerhard Muller, and Walter Brandmuller.

What happens to the liturgy in the saint? run out?

The new calendar for the Mass in St Peter’s Basilica has changed the centuries-old tradition of individual masses celebrated by priests within the walls of this most famous church, which is a symbol of the Vatican. This decision raises a lot of controversy because it is not officially known who ordered it. While the letter was issued by the State Secretariat, it is clear that it will not fall within the jurisdiction of this authority. Responsibility for managing the basilica rests with the appointed Cardinal. According to media rumors, the decision on the changes was made by Pope Francis himself, but he did not want to reveal them.

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The celebration of Mass was also restricted in the exceptional form of Roman Rite that was previously permitted freely. The new ordinances grouped the mass into four ceremonies, and the oldest form of Roman rite could now only be celebrated by a designated priest. In fact, this limits the discretion of priests who wish to celebrate this liturgy in the basilica.

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