A modern center for the elderly will be built in Gdynia, according to Gdynia.pl. There will be a cafe for the elderly, a room with a theater with a place to dance, a room with a kitchenette where practical lessons will be conducted, an internet cafe with multimedia equipment.

There is an ongoing tender for concept development and comprehensive design documents for the building adaptation at 10 Lutego 26 Street in Gdynia for the Modern Seniors Center. A special place for the elderly will be created in the building where the oldest school in Gdynia is located.

The new space will be designed according to the principles of universal design: it will be accessible to people of all ages. The development of the area around the building, which will remain accessible to all residents, will allow for multi-generational meetings and relaxation in the open air. There will be a Bullseye and a venue for organizing outdoor events. In addition, green spaces will be created there to encourage hiking and nature observation.

The modern Seniors Center will be built in the old part of the building, which will require further renovation and expense. School management services will continue to be provided in the new part of the building. In the gymnasium, which was planned to be used for educational purposes, is finally included in the central nervous system.

There is only six days left to submit the full set of documents required to enter the bid. These, according to Gdynia.pl, should be delivered on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, by the 13th to the headquarters of the Social Innovation Lab in the Mujahideen. Żeromskiego 31 in Gdynia.

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