I am not enthusiastic about compulsory vaccinations for teachers – stressed Przemyslav Ksarnik in the program “Guest of Events”. The head of MEiN also spoke about distance learning and hard learning in schools in the new year.

Przemyslav Czarnik He said on Polsat News’ “Guest of Events” that he wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea of ​​mandatory.
Vaccination against COVID-19 for teachers. – Allowing only vaccinated teachers to go to work from 1 March may cause a situation […] He stressed the shortage of staff that the education system could not afford.

Minister of Education regarding compulsory vaccination of teachers

When asked if schools would be paralyzed, he answered absolutely yes. “That’s why I can’t agree to a situation where coercion means that some teachers who don’t want to be vaccinated will lose their jobs,” he said.

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Kazarnik stressed that he understood all the measures aimed at ending the epidemic as quickly as possible. – However, all decisions should be rational and balanced, so that you do not briefly throw the baby with the bath water. When asked if schools will promote vaccination or just information, the MEiN chief said “it will be reliable information that vaccination is possible and worth having.” I have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with three doses, and I have been vaccinated against influenza. I feel great, I feel safe. He said I would recommend it to everyone – get vaccinated -.

On the other hand, I do not accept blunt rhetoric and such frank incitement and propaganda as: dark, medieval, non-scholarly […] It is an insult to people who suffer from anxiety for some reason. These, of course, are often irrational reasons, and there are also some foolish things that anti-vaccines spread. But you have to understand people who are afraid.

Minister of Education Przemyslav Czarnik

It is possible, he argued, to reach these people only with logical arguments, showing, for example, how many people are dying, and how many have been vaccinated. – These are the arguments you should speak. He pointed out that these are scientific arguments.

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Empty classroom in school

Adam Nidzelsky, Waldemar Kraska

Distance learning in the new year. Przemyslaw Czarneke’s Comments

The MEiN chief also noted the government’s plan to teach in schools after the holiday season. The minister was asked on Polsat News if it had been made public
distance learning In schools around the Christmas holidays – from December 20 to January 9 – it may be extended.

– Three days of distance learning next week (20, 21, 22 December, then it is free of classes – ed.) and three days after Christmas (3, 4, 5 – ed), four in principle, because another 7 January , then we return to stationary study and work, there is no doubt about it – he emphasized.

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