Pozna Deputy Mayor Bartosz Gus and Vice President of Adam Mickiewicz University, Prof. Zbyszko Melosik signed a letter of intent on cooperation between the Faculty of Sociology of Adam Mickiewicz University and the Faculty of Environmental Development and Protection of Pozna City Hall.

The university will support the city, among others in the field of data collection through questionnaire studies, in-depth interviews and analysis. Thanks to this, city officials will learn, among other things, how to reach specific groups of residents as quickly as possible, what Poznan residents think about the programs being implemented, and whether they participate or intend to participate in them.

The university will cooperate with the city council in the area of ​​consultations planned by the city, both in the form of surveys and through research carried out by students as part of internships and bachelor’s and master’s theses.

“I am happy to cooperate with each other, and everyone will benefit from this. It will allow students to use the knowledge gained during classes in practice, which will positively affect the quality of education. On the other hand, the city will learn more about the social perception of the implemented programs. Bartosz Joss emphasized, Deputy Mayor of Pozna, on Thursday, that the analysis of the needs and expectations of Pozna residents will allow us to improve the measures taken in the field of formation and protection of the natural environment of Pozna.

Vice Rector for Relations with the Social Environment of Adam Mickiewicz University Prof. Zbyszko Melosik emphasized that both the city and the university “share a common passion for Poznan, and we will certainly do everything in our power to ensure that this cooperation brings the most fruitful results”.

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The investigating judge in Poznan said the main areas of cooperation would be environmental quality programmes, such as air cleanliness, asbestos removal or water retention. As pointed out by Professor. Piotr Machak, Head of the Department of Social Dynamics Studies in the Faculty of Sociology of Adam Mickiewicz University, “The policies implemented by the city, which are aimed at improving the quality of the environment, benefit all residents. However, they require them to change their behavior in relation to everyday life, and to heat the apartments , the use of rainwater, etc. Without knowing the attitudes and needs of the residents, the implementation of municipal policies is more difficult. He noted that social research helps in the more effective implementation of activities related to environmental protection.”

Dean of the AMU Faculty of Sociology Prof. “The Sociology Department places great importance on collaborating with the social environment, also because we feel a commitment to the community in which we operate and want to work together to bring about positive social changes,” emphasized Aldona Jurek.

“The scope of our potential cooperation with the College of Development and Environmental Protection is very wide: scientific research, public consultations, expert opinions. However, we would like to start with the projects that our college students have implemented while preparing diploma thesis.”

In the signed letter of intent, University of Adam Mickiewicz and the City of Pozna also announced their cooperation when applying for research grants and applications to the National Research and Development Center or other funding institutions. (PAP)

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Author: Anna Jossa

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