Debicki as Diana, West as Carol

Actors who play real characters in The Crown often simply look like them, imitating their facial expressions, gestures, and manner of speaking. The latest images from the set of “The Crown”, however, indicate that in the case of Elizabeth Debicki, we will already have the impression that we see the deceased Princess Diana on screen.


New photos that have appeared online on fan pages of the series show Diana and Carol traveling by yacht. Debicki wears a floral dress and chic sunglasses, fashionable in the ’90s. Meanwhile, West introduces himself in a brown tweed suit and aviator shoes. Perhaps the scene depicts a voyage in 1991, when the couple and their two sons – William and Harry – set sail on Charles’ yacht “Alexandra” for Italy. It was only a few months before the Duke and Diana Spencer announced their separation.

Who else is in Season 5 of “The Crown”?

Recall that the latest information on the fifth season announced by the production of “The Crown” was that John Major, former Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1990-1997, will be played by Johnny Lee Miller. We know the British actor through hits like “Trainspotting”, “Elementary” or “Hackers”. In addition to Debicki and West, the series will also feature Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip and Leslie Manville as Princess Margaret. In January 2021, we learned that Imelda Staunton, the 64-year-old actress most closely associated with her role as Professor Dolores Umbridge in “Harry Potter of the Order of the Phoenix,” will appear in the production as Queen Elizabeth II.

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What is the date of the premiere of the fifth season of “The Crown”?

The new season of “The Crown” will premiere in November 2022.

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