I think we can praise Google for developing its app Google Maps. Soon another novelty will be added to it, which will make its use a little easier for us. Check out what the new and updated widgets will look like!

Google Maps with important addition

A very useful solution will soon be added to Google Maps. New widgets are reappearing Android 12, will also appear permanently in our navigation.

The updated functionality will be available to smartphone users who are working on it Android 12 and 11. What exactly would this functional novelty look like?

Foot. google browser

Users can count on greater transparency which will speed up the use of the application. The first owners of Android smartphones have come across new widgets – thanks to them, we can take a closer look at new products.

A keen eye will notice that the new widgets are similar to those that can also be found in the Google app for the system iOS. It is worth noting that it will vary depending on the version of Android that our smartphone is running.

Google Maps

Google Map Tools / neilandnotnail Images

Android 11 owners will benefit from the new widgets with standard shades, while Android 12 will allow them to customize. Users will be able to choose themes and shades that match the overall style of our smartphone (more about material you).

The new tool will allow us to choose the destination of our trip faster. The network will make it easier for us to locate already saved locations and destinations such as stores, restaurants and gas stations. In addition, the search bar will allow you to find any location of your choice.

According to the latest reports, the updated search tool will move to Version 11.3.0 of Google Maps – At the moment it is available for a few, but it should change soon.

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