The Saudi authorities want to create a huge park on an oil platform in the Persian Gulf along with a vacation center where tourists will find many attractions. The total area of ​​the modern facility is about 150 thousand square meters. square meters there are already conceptions of the planned investment.

Kingdom Saudi Arabia He tries to reduce his dependence on Crude oilBy setting, among other things for tourism. The country just announced plans to turn the oil rig into a mega theme park, CNN reports.

Funded by the Public Investment Fund, The Rig will consist of three hotels and 11 restaurants spread over several interconnected platforms. In addition, guests will find attractions such as roller coaster rides, bungee jumping, or skydiving.

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A visualization and a promotional film for the park under construction appeared on the Internet.

“This project will be a unique tourist attraction, attracting tourists from all over the world” – we read in the investor’s statement. The Saudi authorities hope to succeed in attracting visitors from the Persian Gulf in the first place. At the moment, it is not clear when the project will be completed.

Photo: Public Investment Fund

The park, which is being built on the drilling platform, is part of the “Saudi Vision 2030” project, which aims to make Saudi Arabia an important center on the world’s tourism map.

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Millions of people come to Mecca in Saudi Arabia every year to perform the pilgrimage to the holy sites of Muslims according to Islam. However, the country’s conservative law restricting women’s freedom, along with an alarming history of human rights abuses, discourages foreign tourists, CNN writes.

According to government assumptions, around 100 million tourists will visit Saudi Arabia annually before the end of the decade.

Photo: Public Investment Fund