Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will have to choose between Russia and the “other world”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said during a press conference that he can say that he always chooses Hungary, but his country belongs to this “other world” and not to the Russian sphere of influence.

I wanted to have a relationship with him (Urban – opening note). She called him, and suggested a meeting in Ukraine or Hungary. He was afraid of it and still worried about Russia’s influence on the Hungarian state. That influence is significant in Hungary, whether Prime Minister Orban likes it or not. – Zelensky’s assessment, quoted by the Ukrainian Interfax agency.

However, I am convinced that the Hungarian people treat us favorably – added the chief.

on SundayAfter her party Fidesz and its coalition partner Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) won the parliamentary elections in Hungary.Orban said the ruling coalition should fight “the country’s left, the international left, the bureaucrats in Brussels, all the money of Soros (the financier George) and organizations, the major international media and, finally, the president of Ukraine.”“. We never had so many opponents at once Urban said.

Urban wins and attacks Zelensky during his speech

Ukraine’s ambassador to Poland, Andrei Dyschica, also noted the matter on Monday. I was taking Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Bocza to see those who had died. He doesn’t want to know it, he should be held accountable. By supporting Putin, even with words, he becomes an accomplice in these crimes said the diplomat.

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