Warsaw residents closely watched two people who climbed onto the roof of the Marriott Hotel. Fortunately, everything ended well – the portal polsatnews.pl informs.

Rafay Szymanski

Men on the roof of the Marriott hotel

Twitter / Michał Pol / Pictured: Men on the roof of the Marriott

On Friday evening, crowds gathered around Central Station. Among others, Michai Paul was there. Via Twitter, the journalist reported that two people entered the roof of the Marriott Hotel in Al. Jerozolimskie in Warsaw.

Police officers, firefighters and rescue workers appeared in front of the building. It could have ended tragically. After a few dozen minutes, two people climbed to the surface and received thunderous applause from the witnesses. The registration is already spread on social media.

At 7:30 p.m., police received a report of two men climbing the Marriott Hotel building. According to the latest information, the guys have already come to the surface – this was confirmed in an interview with polsatnews.pl, sergeant. Rafai Markewicz of Warsaw Police Headquarters.

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The facility was completed in 1989. The Marriott is 43 stories tall and 140 meters high (without a 30-meter antenna).

It is not known who these men are and whether they previously obtained a permit. However, they were not the first. In 2019, Marcin Banot, better known by the nickname “BNT” YouTuber, climbed to the top of the 43-story skyscraper.

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