Matt and his wife from Las Vegas dreaming of a swimming pool. When they thought they would finally be able to fulfill it, on Monday it transpired that they had to put it off again. Instead of a swimming pool, they now have an archaeological excavation under the house.

Debris was found while digging a hole in the ground. The owners of the property called the police, terrified. However, the officers on the site did not stay long. They found the bones were too big to be human, so it wasn’t for them.

The couple enlisted the help of paleontologist Joshua Bondi, director of research at the Nevada Science Center. The world approached the matter from a distance, and there are many of these reports, but the remains that have been found rarely turn out to be historical. This time it was different.

In the backyard of the couple, the remains of a horse were found, which, according to preliminary results, could be from 6 to 14 thousand years old. The animal’s bones are completely connected, so it has retained the spot where the horse died. So far, the animal’s right scapula, right shoulder bone, and some vertebrae have been exposed.


It turns out that there may be more of these discoveries in the vicinity. The area was swamps during the Ice Age and was home to mammoths, camels, saber-toothed cats, and other mammals that have since gone extinct.