How often do you feel nervous when driving Rondo? Does the indicator light in front of the roundabout or only when leaving? What if it’s a multi-lane rotor? This is a complete massacre.

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Then think about what happens when a circular intersection appears “unexpectedly” at United States of America. In the attached video, you can see that they have absolutely no idea what this type of crossover is being used for.

The aforementioned rotor was recorded from a drone at Rowan County, Kentucky. The few drivers captured in the video seem to have recently returned from Australia or Great Britain and have forgotten that they no longer have left-hand traffic.

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It is the first of its kind in Northeast Kentucky. It replaced a crossover with around 4,000 cars a day and was totally lucky in terms of accidents. However, looking at the video below, I’m not sure if it’s a good change.

They added a roundabout near my hometown in the eastern Kentucky countryside. Here is an example of how not to use a circular cross … from IdiotsInCars

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