Recently, many people have become concerned about privacy online. DuckDuckGo continues to record records.

DuckDuckGo is an interesting alternative to Google. The website does not track our website activities, and after installing the appropriate extension for Google Chrome – it limits data collection about us to a minimum.

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DuckDuckGo could be your home page

I often searched for something with DuckDuckGo, and a few days before revealing information about the registry – I completely switched over to Google replacement. While it was difficult to use a couple of years ago, because the results weren’t as accurate as I would like – now no problem. You can search for pictures, news … everything seems to be there! I am not complaining yet.

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DuckDuckGo Register

Maybe not the only one I’ve thought about trying a private alternative – it turns out that DuckDuckGo can actually brag about a day of 100 million searches. On average, DuckDuckGo searches for passwords 2 billion times a month. That’s still a very low number compared to what Google is making 5 billion… per day. Is DuckDuckGo Right For You? check it out!

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