The winning raffle numbers for Friday January 22 – 4, 26, 42, 50 and 60 – were included in a ticket purchased at a Kruger grocery store in Novi, a suburb of Detroit. The win accumulated from September 15 to 1.05 billion Dollars.

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United States of America. Jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery – $ 1 billion

This is the total amount if the ticket owner or owner chooses the option to receive payments in 30 annual installments. If he wanted to collect all the cash at once, it would be $ 776.6 million, and after payment tax It will be 557 million dollars.

“Someone woke up in Michigan this morning and heard news that would change his life, and Michigan Kruger congratulates the new millionaire,” the Associated Press quoted a spokeswoman for a regional supermarket chain.

No further details were given, the winner himself did not reveal himself, so he does not know who he is or even his gender.

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The third biggest win in US history

This is the third largest American lottery prize in history. In 2016, three Powerball lottery tickets raised $ 1.586 billion, and in 2018, at Mega Millions, a lucky winner picked the numbers that gave him $ 1.537 billion. After breaking the peak, an estimated $ 20 million will be earned in the upcoming Mega Millions Draw.