Gate Reports said the “yellow snow” could fall in Poland on Sunday. As we read, the reason is that the dust from Algeria and Tunisia was blown away by high winds. The portal says: “The wind raises small grains of desert sand at a height of several kilometers and pushes them into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.”

IMGW warns of snow storms. About half a meter of snow will fall

The effect of the dust cloud traveling through Europe The color of the snow can be yellowish or orange. According to reports, also in Poland. asked the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management to clarify whether the dust cloud from the Sahara Desert could also reach Poland. IMGW spokesperson Grzegorz Walijewski tells us that the satellite images do indeed confirm that dust is visible in the atmosphere. – In fact, the desert dust was carried into the atmosphere, and still at night from Friday to Saturday it was over eastern Spain, at a later time Francj ±. Now (around 7 pm on Saturday – ed.) “The front” is located near northern Austria, southern Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – he says. – It comes with a fairly long braid – she adds.

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Global Warming. “The weather is crazy for a reason. We have a climate crisis.”

weather. May the “yellow snow” fall on Sunday

Walijewski quoted the opinion of IMGW experts. “Judging by how the desert sand cloud has changed in the past hours, I tend to think that it will not reach Poland, but it is still being raised from Africa. And if it appears, it will be in southern Poland” – said the weather worker. Based on satellite images, experts described the cloud as “large.”

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If the northern part of the cloud reaches the southern tip of Poland, then dust and snow will be expected. It is possible that residents of Małopolska, Podkarpacie, and even Silesia would notice the effect.

Another question is whether we will ever see the effect of “yellow snow”. According to expectations, heavy snow is expected on Sunday, especially in the south and east of the country. This means yellow dust can be covered quickly.