It has been in force in the border area with Belarus since September 2, Emergencywhich includes 183 local sites. It was introduced for 30 days by decree of President Andrei Duda, issued at the request of the government. The case concerns immigrants who are brought there by the Belarusian services. Soldiers were assigned to assist the border guards officers at the border.

On Sunday afternoon, the border guards reported The bodies of three people were found on the border with Belarus. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki later said these people died “mainly as a result of hypothermia and exhaustion”.

Onet: A 16-year-old died

Onet, referring to the information obtained from the rescue institution, announced today that a 16-year-old immigrant died at the Polish-Belarus border. The boy and his family were supposed to reach the Polish side of the border late in the evening. – Then our guards drove the whole family to Belarus. Unfortunately, the 16-year-old died in the night – It was donated by the Salvation Foundation.

Border Guard Major Katarzina Zhdanovich said in an interview with Onet that the described situation “could have happened on the Belarusian side.” At the same time, the major ordered the gate staff to try to contact the Belarusian diplomatic mission in Poland.

– When it comes to foreigners on the Polish side, when we detect people who have crossed the border illegally, we first check their health and, if necessary, give them first aid or call an ambulance – adds Mag Zdanovic.

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Shocking photos at the conference

Minister Kamiński said that in early August and September There were 9,400 attempted illegal crossings Polish border, 8,200 of which were thwarted by border guards officers and soldiers.

During the conference, photographs, including material, of detained migrants were presented, showing, among other things, the sexual exploitation of animals, sexual abuse of children and executions.

– Some of the pictures we showed you today are drastic. It indicates that we are dealing with people who have links to criminal groups or who suffer from sexual disorders. I emphasize: we are talking about facts, we do not stigmatize any environment – the minister emphasized.

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