He is a blind dog, but he quickly recognized a new place and moves around without any problems. At home, if left alone, it doesn’t spoil or bark, it just lies on your favorite carpet or is looking for flavors scattered around it.

Image from Agata.garnie

In the course “Adopting Pets” we offer counts of shelters, institutions and temporary homes in Tri-City, who have been waiting for months or even years to get their dream home. Maybe it will change their lives? We recently wrote about Diggi, a dog expert with northern man beauty, today we’re looking for a home for a dog named Grall.

He was recently taken from a shelter to a makeshift home. Before coming to the shelter, Grall wandered around Kozcierzyna, not knowing for how long. Unfortunately, for more than a year, no one has come to get it.

He is a blind dog, but he quickly recognized a new place and moves around without any problems. Our brave pieces look better when walking. After coming out, the ginger tail immediately rises. Sometimes a dog does not like it and can bark at itself. However, he would be happy to welcome the majority. She walks beautifully on a leash, exploring the world with her nose and ears, and boldly stepping forward. He amazes everyone – he says Kamila, The temporary guardian of Ghala.

You can see that he really needs a home and human support. The latter, especially when you need to get home from your career. He just learns that the stairs aren’t too scary. Camila says sausage is great for cheering Grallci. With a loving man by your side, such terrible things will become easier for him.
At home, if left alone, it doesn’t get spoiled or barking, it just rests on its favorite simplicity or looks for the flavors spread around. She loves to lie on the sofa next to a man and wait for foreplay.

Grall is a cute little dog, ready to steal your heart and find a home forever. Will the Easter miracle happen? Grall will be happy to arrange a preliminary outing. Lives in the Tri-City area.

People interested in adoption Gala You are requested to contact the temporary guardian by phone 535849120.