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KMT Chairman Zhou Lilon (pictured) attended the “party’s 128th anniversary celebration” in Taipei on the sixth day, saying the performance of KMT mayoral candidate Jiang Wan’an in the televised debate on Taipei’s mayoral election was like the controversy between the US presidential election and Nixon . Kennedy is full of hope. Photo by Central News Agency reporter Zhang Haoan on November 6, 111

(Central News Agency reporter Wang Chengzhong, Taipei, 6) The televised debate on Taipei’s mayoral election ended yesterday. Kuomintang Chairman Zhou Lilon said today that Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan’s performance was akin to Kennedy’s discussion with Nixon in the US presidential election. that filled people with hope.

Zhu Lilun attended the Taipei City Commendation event marking the 128th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Kuomintang today, and in an interview with the media before the meeting, he said he believes Jiang Wanan will win the election and bring Taipei a different future.

As for the performance of Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the Democratic Progressive Party, Zhou Lilon said, “Everyone shook their heads when they saw it.” Chen Shizhong must humbly respond to the public’s suspicions during the epidemic prevention process for everyone to see the cunning, he believes that the citizens of Taipei would not elect such a person as mayor.

Zhu Lilun pointed out that “China Peng wins RMB” is the most popular thing in Taiwan at the moment. Zheng Yunpeng, candidate for DPP Taoyuan’s mayoral election, went to China to open a company to earn yuan after losing in the legislature election. Can such double standards be accepted in the fight against the CSB?

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In response to former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Ku Yu’s assistance to the KMT mayoral candidate Lin Gingren, Zhou Lilon said that Lin Gingren is the candidate nominated by the KMT, and it is only appropriate for party comrades to assist Lin Gingren. Comrades inside, everyone is not afraid of being beaten, and they will fully support the comrades nominated by the party.

In addition, the party is rumored to have instigated Lin Jingren to attack Gao Hongan, the mayoral candidate of the Hsinchu People’s Party, while Zhou Lilon said that those who say so are people with no common sense and malicious damage. Candidate recommended by the main political party Make sure your competitors are suspicious and the other party will answer them well.

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Zhou Lilon pointed out that Lin Jingren held the first place in the polls two or three months ago, so he might think that he can win the election as long as he plays steadily, but the polls have started to decline in the past two months, and now he’s back on the main battlefield, merging The army, and it is natural for the Air Force to play and return to its command.

Regarding whether he is concerned about the People’s Party replacing the Kuomintang, Zhou Lilon said that every political party in democratic politics is competing, and the Kuomintang is a century-old political party with its central ideology, always protecting democracy and freedom. (Editor: Lin Shuyuan) 1111106

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