On February 10, the first day Once In the contemporary history of Poland, the independent media decided to unite in Protection And refrain from publishing the content. She also participated in the event Gazeta.pl. Internet portals, television and radio stations have opposed plans to introduce the new tax Row I want to weigh them down. Similar measures in Hungary meant 80 percent. The media is now “under the weight of the government.”

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Will the new advertising tax take effect?

Pics Allew, Chargé d’Affairs Ambassade United States of America In Poland, he referred to a project to tax advertising on non-public media and to “de-focus” the media.

We are concerned when there is talk of legislation forcing media companies to sell stocks in order to “distract” the media. Such actions could harm Poland’s investment climate and international reputation. It would also undermine Polish democratic ideals

– Alio wrote on Twitter.

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American diplomats on the advertising tax

Earlier, American politicians talked about the declaration tax project. The US State Department responded to Gazeta.pl’s question about its position on this matter. “We have seen reports of a new advertising tax introduced in the media and many independent media concerns that the tax will reduce their ability to speak in Poland. The United States is committed to supporting pluralism in expression and opinion in the independent media. The media, which we believe is essential to a democracy. Work well. ” – Books the press office of the United States Department.

Modes without selection. What is this work about? What is the media protest?

Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, echoed his opinion. “I am deeply concerned about the Polish government’s efforts to impose a new tax on advertising revenue for independent media companies. This measure may undermine the financial viability of independent media in Poland, which is essential for any democracy. No government should use harm. Funding as an excuse. To weaken a free press. Unfortunately, this effort also comes as a result of intensified judicial proceedings against freedom of expression for those who want to create an accurate historical record of the Nazi occupation of the country. Poland “- he wrote in his statement, quoting the politician Onet.

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