Congressman Adam Smith, head of the delegation that recently visited Kyiv, told Politico that the Ukrainian president believed Ukraine should counterattack to retake occupied territories in the next three to six weeks. He added that members of Congress are pressing the Joe Biden administration to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons.

As the Democratic politician told the portal, Zelensky and other government officials told members of Congress that they wanted to make peace with Russia, but only after the occupied territories were liberated, especially in the south of the country. Zelensky was adding that the time period for carrying out such a counterattack was narrow due to the strengthening of the positions of the Russians and the favorable conditions for defense in the fall and winter.

“Let’s help them now as much as possible. The next 3-6 weeks are crucial” – summed up the message of the Ukrainian leader, Chairman of the Committee on Armed Forces of the Chamber of Deputies.

Smith said he and his fellow Republicans in Congress have been lobbying the Joe Biden administration to send ATACMS — HIMARS-compliant missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers to Ukraine. The politician added that although the administration has been reluctant to do so so far due to the risks of escalation, it could change.

“If the Russians continue to move forward, practically committing genocide, forcibly deporting children and killing people who do not agree with their rule, this increases the risks and creates a different situation,” – said the politician.

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From Washington, Oscar Gorzinski

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