According to a daily newspaper quoting sources in the administration of President Joe Biden, the US Treasury was ready They announce penalties Against the billionaire and former owner of Chelsea Football Club, as did both the United Kingdom and the European Union, but they ultimately abstained at the request of the White House.

This decision was made during a conversation between Presidents Biden and Zelensky. The Ukrainian president should have asked to refrain from sanctions against Abramovich, because this is one “He may prove to be an important mediator” in talks with the Kremlin.

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Neither Washington nor Kyiv commented on the newspaper’s reports. But the oligarch’s spokesman said that Abramovich “relying on requests, including from Jewish organizations in Ukraine, is doing everything possible to support efforts to restore peace as quickly as possible.”

According to the WSJ, Abramowicz owns several luxury yachts and villas in both the UK and the US. The Daily Mail recently reported that Abramovich’s yachts are flying the Bermuda flag, allowing them to get around UK sanctions.



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