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YouTube on computers has gained the ability to search by voice. Next to the window where we usually enter an interesting phrase, a microphone icon appeared, known to Google app users. After clicking on it, you can say your search term and YouTube will automatically search the video resources.

To use this option for the first time, you may need to agree to your browser access to your microphone. Most importantly, the functionality is also available to users who are not logged in. For those who have checked in – at least at this point and in some cases in the editorial office – the procedure isn’t very straightforward. While there are no problems working side by side with Google’s “main account”, then after switching to Brand account, The browser is having trouble recognizing the microphone for some reason.

As he knows 9to5GoogleVoice recognition can also be used to navigate basic YouTube functions. For example, you can use voice commands to ask the system to display your library or subscription. Unfortunately, in the editorial office we were unable to force the Polish version of the site to do so. In our case, all the phrases are only searched constantly – maybe it is about taking an early stage and all possibilities will only be activated over time.

When configuring the microphone, it should be noted that the audio settings in Windows 10 can cause many problems, which only some people discovered in the era of the popularization of remote work. There are several places you need to look to make sure the software can hear your voice. We describe the details of the case at Separate post.

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