New Yorkers who live in apartments with so-called condos and together owe homeowners more than $ 1.1 billion in rental arrears. For more than two months, 20 percent. The tenants were unable to fulfill their payment obligation.

From the results of the so-called Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) that represents rental-regulated homeowners, about 50,000 tenants are behind with payments of $ 15,000. Dollars, which means it’s a year late.

As the New York Post noted, the data is based on an analysis of the situation 40,000 showing controlled real estate at a time when New York State is receiving federal government leasing support as part of its latest coronavirus aid package and aid to New York state will total $ 1.3 billion.

It is unclear how much of this will go to New York City. CHIP CEO Jay Martin said in a statement that the funds “will be extremely beneficial if late payments are committed. In his view, given the massive amount of unpaid rents, more support will be needed from Washington.”

According to the Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) administration, the number of renters unable to pay the rent has increased dramatically since the outbreak began. 175,000 to 185,000 tenants (about 19.4 percent) – have more than two months in arrears. This is more than 300% increase compared to February of last year. A tenant in arrears owes the landlord an average of 6.1 PLN. American dollar.

Under a newly passed law by the state extending the moratorium on evictions, the law protects tenants unable to pay rent during an outbreak. They cannot be denied a roof over their heads until at least May 1.

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Late payment is disastrous for owners. “We have nothing. We are totally destitute,” David Howson, 88, a homeowner in Harlem, told reporters in the New York Post. “The rent arrears are in the thousands,” he added.

He told the newspaper: “The authorities have ordered landlords to provide housing without compensation during the public health crisis, regardless of tenants’ ability to pay. (…) Homeowners have done their part. Now the government must do its utmost to help thousands of people pay for their housing costs. “. Owned by Rupert Murdoch, CEO of CHIP, Jay Martin.

Andrzej Dobrowolski from New York