We might try to amend legislation, but the IT giants are so powerful that they can openly violate the law. We have to build our own infrastructure, including. To serve servers. (…) Donald Trump’s account is only an effect, not the cause of the problem Dr. Grzegorz Osiński, Head of the Information Technology Institute at the Faculty of Social and Media Culture in Toruń, noted in the “Today News” program broadcast on Radio Marija.

In the context of freedom of expression on the Internet, Dr. Grzegorz Osiński emphasized that “the Internet is not a free zone”.

– At WSKSiM, we have been organizing conferences on new media for many years. We’ve been arguing for four years now that we must fight for the space of freedom. Two years ago I said on Radio Marija that we have a chance and that we must fight for a space of freedom. Unfortunately, the battle was doomed to failure in advance because we were taken by surprise, locked in our homes by the pandemic. On the one hand, the large IT companies, referred to by the acronym GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), (…) cooperate with each other, and have a clearly defined agenda to promote left-wing and ideological values ​​and will not let go – Guest Radio Marija confirmed.

They are straight fighting the division of the Internet, and buying the servers in the first place – WSKSiM records indicated.

I participated in an initiative to create a space of freedom called Parler. It was supposed to be a somewhat competitive system with Facebook and Twitter, but it had no servers. that’s the problem. (…) Politicians want to regulate the situation legally, but these are measures that will not have much effect if we do not have servers and optical fibers. These are very expensive investments. In recent years, these companies have created a monopoly in the world. There were small companies offering various services, but they were bought by giants providing services to the community “for free” – Dr. Grzegorz Osiński said.

The knowledge scientist pointed out that “the services of small and medium-sized IT companies have been abandoned and even devoured by giants.”

We can try to amend the legislation, but these companies are too strong to openly violate the law. (…) Parler shuts down within 18 hours because it turns out the servers are owned by the giants. Legal commissions, writing petitions will not do much. However, you need to build your own infrastructure, not only to support the community servers, but also, for example, for distance learning. (…) other things will be shut down next year. Without investment, without state support, and also without bottom-up initiative, we will be constantly bombarded with new big problems. Donald Trump’s novel is only the result of the problem, not the cause of it – Note the lecturer at WSKSiM.

We must mobilize and start using the tools we have at the moment. Let’s build our own structures. If we don’t start doing it right away, it will only get worse – Added.

The full conversation with Dr. Grzegorz Osiński is available [tutaj].

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