$15,000, a lot of nerves, a lot of laughter and a simple message. The well-known broadcast company decided to show how terrible the system for obtaining rare gems was in the work of Diablo Immortal, and then stopped the game and uninstalled it.

Since launch, players have complained about Diablo Immortal’s character development system, where the final game somehow forces players to buy real money chests where rare items may appear.

However, fans are not sure that by spending the money on the loot chest, they will get the expected item – Quin69 spent $15,997 (NZ$25,165.57) before receiving one of the coveted gems. It is more than 70,000 PLN.

“It’s over,” said the New Zealand streamer, after receiving the 5-star gem and immediately discontinued production and uninstalled Blizzard… although to his delight it was premature, because he realized he hadn’t taken a screenshot, so he went back to the game and tossed the trinket into an item Worthless – this is how the player wanted to “destroy” him.

His next step was to say goodbye to the guild, remove his character, throw some curses at Blizzard (showing his middle finger), and after all these moves, Quin uninstalled the game a second time.

Pier^$% off, Pier^$% from Blizzard. Get off my computer, you don’t even deserve to stay on it. Diablo II sent, you stay. Diablo III, you’re treading on thin ice, but okay, I’ll let you go. Immortal Diablo? Get $#%^ from here. “

It is worth noting that in just two weeks, Diablo Immortal earned more than 20 million dollars.

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