To everyone’s surprise, 2K Games released a new title of the series without any prior announcement XCOM. I’m talking about mobile production XCOM Legends Available in store google apps. Unfortunately, we will now download it in select countries. Poland does not belong to any of them.

to XCOM Legends Corresponds to the unknown of most Iridium Starfish studios, which, according to the site EurogamerIt is headquartered in California and is directly affiliated with Take-Two Corporation. When the company was asked about the game’s debut, it commented as follows.

We are testing and exploring new opportunities to offer our audience the best possible form of entertainment. Iridium starfish has come out XCOM Legends In select countries, but we can’t say more about them.

The first mentions of this game appeared about a year ago. Reddit user he don Advertising XCOM Legends on Facebook. It was then assumed that we were dealing with a factory that stole models and materials from the XCOM series to create their own game.

At first glance, the gameplay looks like a variety of tactical skirmishes with a typical mobile RPG. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Collect rare materials, upgrade our units, 5v5 battles).

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