On Kontakt 24 we received a recording from Mr Norbert, a truck driver driving in Great Britain. The video shows a bright object flying in the night sky. It’s a car, a very bright meteor – explained Carol Wojski, promoter of astronomy and author of the “Head in the stars” blog.

– I was driving south on the M5 towards beautiful Cornwall, and at one point, near Taunton, I saw a big flash. It was very large and very long – it was described in an interview with the editorial office of Kontakt 24 Mr. Norbert. He added that the glow appeared on Saturday after six o’clock.

As Carol Wojski, promoter of astronomy and author of the blog With His Head in the Stars reports, the recording “clearly shows a car, that is, a very bright meteor.”

A meteor is a trace left by a meteorite, a piece of rock that revolves around the sun. Bolides are particularly bright meteors, and they are brighter than -4 (mag-mag, the unit of measure used to determine the brilliance of stars), so they are much brighter than Venus. By comparison, the full moon is -12.6 degrees and the sun is -26.7 degrees.

“I have never seen such an expressive phenomenon in my life before.”

The man noticed that he had never seen anything like this before. – I have never seen such a clear phenomenon in my life, and I have already covered two million kilometers of European roads, where there is always time to observe everything around, – he said. Mr. Norbert confirmed that, at the sight of a “Shehab”, he managed to make a wish come true. However, it does not reveal what. – In my mind I made a wish quickly, and will it come true? Time will tell. And I wish everyone that their dreams come true not only during such phenomena, but always – and concluded.

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What will we see in the sky in October? Conjunction of the Full Moon, Moon and Jupiter, Orionid Squadron

In October, there are a few astronomical attractions waiting for us, which we can prepare ourselves for the observations.

On October 15, the Moon and Jupiter will unite. The phenomenon will start at 12.02. From Warsaw, it will be visible from 6 pm, 15 degrees above the southeast horizon, when it begins to get dark. You will be able to monitor it until 00.14. In this case also the naked eye of the observer is sufficient if the weather is good.

On Wednesday, October 20, we will have a full moon. The full moon of October is called the hunters full moon. The maximum phenomenon will occur at 16.57.

In October, we will also be able to watch the rain fall from the stars in the sky. It’s all because of the Orionids, related to the flight of Halley’s Comet. These meteors are active from October 2 to November 7. The maximum falls on the night of October 20-21. This year, however, this phenomenon may be affected by the full moon – a natural satellite bathing the night sky with glow.

PAP / Maria Samczuk

Main image source: call 24