If you missed the Xbox Series X console at launch, there’s still one way to get your hands on the right time for Christmas.

2K Games revealed an all-new Xbox Series X console from Borderlands 3 that looks great.

As you can see from the image above, the Borderlands Xbox controller is modeled after the fan-favorite Claptrap character. The console has also been given a Borderlands-themed arrangement.

Sadly, the Borderlands 3 Xbox Series X console isn’t available for purchase, but an aspiring artist can win it.

To win the Xbox Series X console, fans are encouraged to submit a poster or artwork inspired by Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition (link in the tweet below).

The competition is open until December 7, while 2K aims to send out prizes in the week of December 14.

According to the judging criteria, the posters will be ranked based on the interpretation of the topic; Creativity and originality in design; The quality of the artistic formation and the general impression of the art.

If you don’t have the technical skills to win such a competition, the Xbox Series X will be very difficult to come by.

At the time of writing, eBay only has Xbox Series X consoles in stock, although most listings are wildly overrated.

CEX is also likely to have stock in the run-up to Christmas, although the console is currently priced at £ 680.

If you don’t want to pay more than the odds of purchasing an Xbox Series X, it’s worth bookmarking Stock Detective Website and alerts subscription.

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Customers can also subscribe to alerts from many online stores so it’s worth checking out.

The Microsoft Store and Very Xbox Series X had them in stock on launch day, so it’s worth checking out these sites first.

Elsewhere, Borderlands isn’t the only unusual way to get an Xbox Series X.

BT customers have been able to purchase Xbox Series X with their MYBT accounts for a limited time.

Unfortunately, the demand for keyboards was said to be huge, and the customization sold out very quickly.

A contact in BT is currently investigating whether or not the company is stocking any additional controllers.

Express Online will keep you updated with the latest Xbox Series X and PS5 releases in the weeks leading up to Christmas.