Bells want to build a bell

During the April 1 meeting between Prime Ministers Viktor Orban and Matthews Murawiecki near Budapest, a secret protocol on inventory and policy will be signed. Encouraged by the United Kingdom – particularly through the success of the vaccine campaign without EU ties – the governments of Fides, Law and Justice together decided to follow the 50 art path of the EU Treaty and decided to leave the community.

The two prime ministers are unanimously informing Charles Michel, president of the European Council, of this intention Thursday. Subsequently, both countries face a very swift, albeit somewhat divergent, internal procedure. The current Hungarian constitution dates back to 2011 and says “Hungary, participates in the European Union as a member state …”, but with its deletion, Viktor Orban will not face any problems, as his constitution constantly changes something. With us, Yaroslav Kaczynski – of course he is the real leader – has an easier task, because the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 1997 is older than our membership in the European Union and does not mention society in one word (by the way, the similar deficiency applies to NATO), so there is no need To change even a comma in it. It suffices to abolish the accession treaty by including one sentence in the next anti-techovid law, after the Law and Justice Party practiced the practice of throwing various garbage in anti-epidemic laws theoretically with impunity for a year, so the polexit would be smuggled in the same way.

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