A slight update to Ramos soon.

A few days ago there was an article about reworking Ramos mini. Today, more information is known on this topic. The creators told a little about the plans to update the hero and showed short videos as the updated skills came out.

It basically accomplishes what everyone has written about. Wild Rift often predicts the changes that will eventually be in the PC version.

Replay Rammus in LoL on PC

Riot announces the rework and confirms that Wild Rift and the regular teams work closely together.

If you’ve seen the Wild Rift division during the opening of the 2021 season, you’ve seen the plan to bring Rammus into the Wild Rift is to update this classic hero from the early days of LoL. Wild Rift and League PC teams have the same design values, so we work together on missions like Champions Updates to create the best Champions for each game’s needs. When it comes to Rammus, we worked together to improve his gameplay, which is now very outdated, while maintaining his signature speed.

Overall, we want the LoL PC and Wild Rift games to be as similar as possible, but ultimately we prefer to deal with the differences between the PC versions and the Wild Rift versions, rather than insisting on using the design from one game to the next when it makes no sense at all. By analyzing which Rammus items need the most improvement in the PC version, we’ve made a small list of changes that will preserve his basic gameplay while improving spells (like R) that are most frustrating.

Seeley rework:

  • Extending Rammus’ gameplay possibilities. Provide more choice and interaction for a character who was historically linear and was limited to confronting someone and provoking. Expanding gameplay options should also help Rammus for players with higher MMR.
  • Providing Rammus players with a distinctive peak that reflects his high speed.
  • We want to maintain our neutrality when it comes to power, assuming new tools are likely to amplify it a bit at the high MMR.
  • Improve clarity and satisfaction with visual and audio effects
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New R

We see – A revolution in LoL, which Riot scared himself. What happened to a larger, more interesting map than Summoner’s Rift?

A new combination of R and Q

List of changes:

  • Piercing sarcasm (e)
    • Increases Monster Spell Duration by 250%.
    • Calm: 12 / 11.5 / 11 / 10.5 / 10 >>> 12 points at all levels
    • Sarcasm duration: 1.25-2.25 seconds >>> 1-2 seconds.
    • (We’ve gotten some power here to include his powerful new ending.)
  • Sky Click (R)
    • Rammus jumps in the air and hits the target location, dealing magic damage and slowing down enemies for 1 second.
    • If Sky Slam is thrown while Rammus is in Power Ball, enemies near the center will be hit and take damage from Power Ball’s collision, ending its impact.
    • Rammus also spawns 3 additional Minions at point of impact, each dealing a minimal amount of magical damage and restoring the initial slowdown.
    • Sky Slam deals 200% damage to towers.
    • Sky Slam’s range increases based on Rammus’ travel speed.
    • Cool down time 100/80/60 seconds >>> 120/100/80 seconds.