Last year, it was announced that Indiana Jones would be shooting for Bethesda. In fact, even though it’s been some time since the announcement, we still know relatively little and can basically guess – based on the fact that the creators at Wolfenstein are responsible for the work and on the kind of movie we’ve dealt with in the case of one of the most famous adventurers.

For many people, the biggest downside was who issues the title – we’re talking about a studio that is currently under Microsoft’s decision. This means that the work can only be published on the equipment of an American company. previously In September 2021, rumors appeared about it. Now it turns out that maybe it’s taking on warmer hues – and there are definitely hopes that you’ll be okay.

Such conclusions can be reached after the recent podcast on Xbox Two, in which one of the hosts was Jez Corden – a highly credible insider who often reveals specific information even before he officially leaves. And he said in the last episode that, according to his sources, Indiana Jones is going to be a multiplatform game And also hit outside of xbox and windows. The guy didn’t reveal more details, but was pretty sure what he shared (listen for yourself below – around 2:25:00).

How do you see this turn of events? Everyone is happy, or maybe there will be people who would prefer that the story of the iconic treasure hunter fell “exclusively” on some equipment?

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