In Afghanistan, difficulties are increasing in helping people. At the same time, the number of requests for support is growing rapidly.

– It’s hard for us even to imagine, but many of them are starving – said Simone Lanzoni of the Italian Pangea Onlus Foundation, which has been supporting Afghan women for years.

The Catholic Information Agency (KAI) described the case on Sunday.

Afghanistan: Taliban restrictions

– Women intimidated by The restrictions imposed by the Taliban Forcing them to wear the burqa, and preventing them from going out on their own. Young girls are also afraid of kidnapping, as the Taliban have the right to take them without their wife’s consent. The problem also deepens the hunger, because the woman is the last to eat and she must be content with what is left. In the current situation, he doesn’t eat many of them once a day, Lanzoni said.

According to estimates, on the streets of Kabul, out of a hundred men, only three women can be found, also covered with clothes. – Reality appears. Mothers are concerned about the fate of their daughters, who are now sitting at home instead of going to school, noted an Italian woman who recently returned from Afghanistan alone.

tragic case

There is also a tragic food situation in the country, Which affects women more than others.

– This is a very serious problem. I have heard from many women that currently their only meal is tea and a piece of bread, or some vegetables, from which they make a boil to provide a source of vitamins. After the Taliban seized power, the food situation throughout the country deteriorated significantly. This also applies to those who used to be well off and have now lost their source of income. Simona Lanzoni said: “I met people who were well dressed, remnants of their old lives, but who had no money to buy food and were starving.

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