Polish mountain kayakers did not qualify for the finals of the C1 slalom on the final day of the European Championships in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia.

Kasper Stupa, Alexandra Stasch and Claudia Zolinska were eliminated from the semi-finals. Gold medals were won by Slovenian Benjamin Savsik and Britain’s Mallory Franklin.

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On Thursday and Friday, the Poles won three medals in the team competition: two silvers – men in K1 and C1, and bronze – women in K1.


C1 رجال men

1. Benjamin Savic (Slovenia) 100.44 AM
2- Sideris Tasiadis (Germany) 101.01
3. Miguel Traff (Spain) 102.17

14 – Kasper Stupa (Poland) was eliminated in the semi-finals

C1 . women

1. Mallory Franklin (Great Britain) 113.35 p
2- Marjorie Delassus (France) 115.07
3 – Teresa Viserova (Czech Republic) 115.77

15. Alexandra Stasch (Poland) was eliminated in the semi-finals
17 – Claudia Zwolenska (Poland) was eliminated in the semi-finals


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