– A serious conversation is needed. He said. polsat news Witold Waszczykowski. In response to a question who cheats politicians United States of AmericaThe European Parliament replied: – I do not know. However, they have a very one-sided view of what is happening in Poland, which is why I urge the Poles RowTo reach out to American politicians, get away from this hysteria and this ideological hatred, and talk about Polish and European law.

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Morawiecki on “lex TVN”: Our arguments are distorted and it reverberates abroad

Witold Waszczykowski on the US reaction to “lex TVN”.

The politician argued that “if the information (about the Media Law – Editor) is provided to them by the current Chargé d’Affairs Bex Aliu, they have no good information, but unilaterally”.

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– Recently, many members of Congress wrote a letter to Poland, it is worth it if we have Representatives Reply to this message. There is a speech by Blinken, Secretary of State, whose speech should meet one of ours MSZ. He said it was worth going there, speaking in Congress, in the analysis centers.

Waszczykowski was asked if it was possible to present “lex TVN” without losing anything in relations with the United States. – Yes. If we talk to them seriously and honestly, show how these American companies circumvent Polish and European law, then we can communicate without losing any of those contracts – he said.

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Anthony Blinken criticizes “Lex TVN”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Thursday expressed his “deep concern” about Poland’s adoption sigm Amendments to the Administrative Procedures Law and the Broadcasting Law.

In his opinion, “lex TVN” weakens media freedom in Poland, “the building of which the Poles have worked for a long time.” He stressed that “the law directly targets American investments that guarantee joint development and security.” Earlier, members of the US Congress warned against the application of the media law. They emphasized that the new regulations could threaten Poland’s relations with the United States.

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On Wednesday, the House of Representatives also adopted an amendment to the Broadcasting Law, which provides for changes to the regulations for granting broadcasting licenses to media with foreign capital. The new regulations allow franchises to be granted only to entities that are headquartered in a member state of the European Economic Area, independent of foreign persons, institutions or companies from outside that region. The amendment will now be debated by the Senate.