Italy’s Camila Giorgi and Romania’s Sorana Cerestia become the top ranked tennis players at the WTA 250 Championships in Lyon. There will be no Polish women in the competition. Ukrainian sisters Dagana and Ioana Gastremsky will play doubles.

Łukasz Iwanek

Diane Jastremska

Getty Images / Francois Niel / Pictured: Dajana Gastremska

The third edition of the tournament kicks off in Lyon on Monday. American Sofia Kenin and Donald Clara Towson, who had won the championship in the previous two seasons, did not attend initially. There are no Polish tennis players in even and odd brackets.

Camila Giorgi and Sorana Kirstia were the highest ranked players. In the first round, she will face the Italian-French Caroline Garcia. The Romanian-Georgian competition will be Mariam Bolkoadze. And she will meet the Swiss Victoria Golubic (No. 3) with the Belgian Grete Menin.

She will face the French Alize Cornet (No. 4) and the Croatian Anna Kongo (No. 6) qualifiers, respectively, Spain’s Christina Boxa and Britain’s Katie Poulter. The Italian fate of Jasmine Paolini (No. 5) was associated with the Romanian Irina Barra. Belgian Alison van Uytvanck (No. 7) will play with Russian Vera Zunariwa. She will face China’s Shuai Zhang (No. 8), France’s Kristina Mladenovic.

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Sisters Dagan and Ioana Gastremsky came to France from Ukraine, which was attacked by the criminal regime of Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian women in Lyon will play doubles together. In the first round, they will face Spain’s Georgina Garcia Perez and Switzerland’s Ksenia Noll. Dajana Jastremska will play in the single, She was the 21st Rocket in the world, currently ranked 120th. Her competitor will be Romanian Anna Bogdan.

6eme Sens Championship – Metropole de Lyon, Lyon (France)
WTA 250, hard court in the hall, total prize money of 235.2 thousand. dollar

The main arc is drawn:

Camila Giorgi (Italy, 1) – Caroline Garcia (France)
Elisabetta Cocciareto (Italy) – Martina Trevisan (Italy)
Warwara Graciwa (Russia) – Kristina Kokova (Slovakia)
Wiera Zunariwa (Russia, World Cup) – Alison van Uytvanck (Belgium, 7)

Victoria Golubic (Switzerland, 3) – Great Menen (Belgium)
Anna-Lena Friedsam (Germany) – Wittalia Dyakzenko (Russia)
Danka Kovenic (Montenegro) vs Arantexa Ross (Netherlands)
Kristina Mladenovic (France) – Shuai Zhang (China, 8)

Yasmine Paolini (Italy, fifth) vs Irina Parra (Romania)
Tamara Korbach (Germany, Q) – Ocean Dudin (France)
Dagana Gastremska (Ukraine, WC) – Anna Bogdan (Romania)
Cristina Boca (Spain, s) – Alize Cornet (France, 4)

Anna Kongo (Croatia, 6) – Katie Poulter (UK, Kew)
Anna Bondar (Hungary) – Yuriko Miyazaki (Japan, Q)
Stephanie Vogel (Switzerland, Kew) – Elsa Jacquimot (France, WC)
Mariam Polkwadze (Georgia) – Sorana Kirstia (Romania, 2)

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