February 27 2022, 15:33

Thanks to the PrestigeIsKey live streaming device, the creators of Celeste will regain their lost award from The Game Awards for Best Independent Production of 2018.

Platform in Game Awards 2018 Celeste It won in the Best Indie Game of the Year category. However, the creators did not receive the figurine, as it was lost in transport. Currently will recover Thanks streamer.

What happened to the Celeste Prize?

  1. The statue was supposed to be sent to the winners, but he never made it.
  2. Streamer PrestigeIsKey decided to buy a replica of The Game Awards some time ago. When searching for bids on eBay, he found a seller who had a real figurine on display.
  3. Streamer suspected it was a scam, but decided to take a risk and purchased the item for $375.
  4. After receiving the package, it turned out to be a real figurine given to the game Celeste.
  5. The seller claims that he himself does not know exactly how he got the prize. It is only known that he obtained it in some liquidation procedure.
  6. PrestigeIsKey contacted the game’s authors and presented them with a figurine.
  7. The developers thanked the streaming company for refunding the purchase and transfer costs, as well as sending a set of copies of the game with their signatures.

I remember that Celeste Released January 2018. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo SwitchTM.

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  1. Celeste – the official website of the game