German daily Die Welt wrote of Israel’s indignation and the change in the law in Poland, “making it difficult to pay reparations to the victims of the Holocaust.”

The correspondent of the newspaper “Die Welt” in Warsaw Philip Fritz states that the Polish ambassador, Marek Magierowski, was summoned for the first time to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but “the Polish side did not wait long” and responded by calling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Affairs of Tel Ben Ari Ya’alon, Chargé d’Affairs at the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw.

According to the journalist, such behavior is a warning sign in diplomacy. He notes that in the current conflict between Poland and Israel, this has a special application, especially since the governments of the two countries have been publicly venting their anger for several days.

“I do not intend to remain silent,” Israel’s diplomatic chief Jair Lapid, who was appointed to the position only recently, wrote on Twitter. “This is a direct and painful violation of the rights of Holocaust survivors and their descendants,” he added.

The Prime Minister of Poland, according to Die Welt newspaper, made it clear that as long as he remains in power, Poland will not pay for German crimes. Philip Fritz wonders what happened in Polish-Israeli relations that two countries interested in friendly relations suddenly found themselves in a diplomatic crisis. “And why do the rulers of Poland refer to Germany?” – Asked.