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Windows 10 will soon not be alarmed by the constant error of forgetting random passwords for common services and programs. It’s a known bug for months that still hasn’t been fixed and results in unjustified requests to re-sign into Microsoft, Google, or Adobe accounts.

As a result, you can’t freely use Outlook, OneDrive or Google Chrome, but as the website indicated Newer WindowsMicrosoft is already working on a patch for Windows 10. We’ll have to wait a little longer to get it. It’s expected to be released with the February or March cumulative updates, and shortly before that as an optional update.

Most importantly, the patch has already hit Windows 10 testers as part of the Insider program, which you can learn from Course On Bugs. chrome. It turns out that the bug affects a relatively small group of Windows 10 users, so it can be assumed that the tests will take longer than usual, because not everyone can reproduce the circumstances in which the error initially occurred.

It should be noted that during the holiday season, Microsoft did not accept new drivers for the analysis, so their release was delayed as part of the update. Programs introduced after December 3 will not reach users until January 2021, which you can read more about Here.

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