Nashville, Tennessee Police released footage from the officer’s personal camera. He was involved in evacuating the area around the house, which then exploded in the city center. In this, you can hear warnings from the car to leave the area.

The footage was captured with a selfie camera by Nashville Police Officer Michael Shipus. And two other officers participated, on Friday morning, in the evacuation of the area around a caravan that was parked on Second Avenue in the city center.

Recording begins shortly before an eruption. The sound of the Christmas song “Rockin ‘About the Christmas Tree” on the street drowns in the warning “Get Out Now” from Camper. – She’s very different. It’s more like a movie – you can hear Sibos’ voice turning towards the officers who go with him.

Selfie camera shots of Nashville police officers Reuters

Later in the footage, you can see Sibos returning in a police car to get his gear. When he opened the trunk of his car, an explosion occurred in the background, the glass shattered and the car alarms sounded. The remaining footage was captured by Cebus’ camera, who returned to the scene with other officers to help the victims and protect the area.

Another video released by the police shows a caravan explosion recorded by a CCTV camera.

An explosion in Nashville while filming CCTVReuters

On Sunday, representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Tennessee State Attorney’s Office announced the identity of the person involved in the outbreak.

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“The perpetrator was identified through a DNA test,” said Douglas Korniski, head of the local FBI. Investigators found human remains near the rubble of a truck that exploded in Nashville on Friday. By comparing the genetic material collected on Saturday at the home of 63-year-old suspect Anthony Warner, he was able to establish that he was the perpetrator of the attack.

Anthony Warner, 63, is suspected of involvement in the Nashville bombingsPAP / EPA / FBI Memphis

“Warner was present at the time of the bombing, and we concluded that he was killed in the attack,” said US Attorney Donald Cochran. Representatives of the Attorney General’s Office and the FBI insisted that the perpetrator was acting alone, but that it was too early to speak about the motives for his actions. The investigators did not say what kind of explosives he used.

As a result of the explosion, three people were slightly injured. The blast severely damaged several buildings, including the telecom company AT&T. Its representatives called the mobile phone, including some AT&T services. Flights from Nashville Airport were temporarily suspended due to communication problems.