It concerns: an increase in the number of cardinals entitled to participate in the election of a pope, a change in the manner of deliberations during the assemblies preceding the conclave, as well as a possible reduction in the number of votes necessary for their election to the See of Peter. In case of trouble.

The case was described by Italian journalist Andre Gagliarducci, reported by the Catholic Information Agency (KAI) on Monday.

Reform in the Vatican?

The Vatican pointed out that the last meeting of the Council of Cardinals remotely on June 21 was in some respects an exceptional meeting. Not only because it was relatively short (less than an hour according to an official statement). It was remarkable that there was talk not only about the use of the Praedicate Evangelium or the reform of Curia, but also about the organization of another church council on August 29-30 of this year. It was also noted that it would be the first ordinary general council convened by Pope Francis since 2015, and that its main theme would be the reform of the Roman Curia.

According to Gagliarducci, it appears that the Pope is considering a broader reform of the legislation regulating, among other things, the election of a new pope, and that he could have spoken of this also at the meeting of the Council of Cardinals. What is this new legislation supposed to consist of? First, the Pope is said to want to cancel public gatherings, effectively removing all cardinals over the age of 80 from the election process. At the same time, he would like to increase the number of cardinals who can vote at the conclave. The law limits their number to 120, even if the Holy Father, at his discretion, can deviate from this rule. After August 27, there will be 126 of them, and their number may increase to 130 or 140 – said the Italian journalist.

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